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myonlineRatgeber.at - Framework für die Erstellung von Online-Ratgebern



The technology of myonlineRatgeber.at

Ratgeber-Erstellung mit 3i expert It is not wizardry to build an expert with the framework 3i Expert !

After a first short planning phase prototyping can be started immediately. Direct results promote creativity and after shortest time there is a feasible outcome  - without any programming!

Use a single expertsystem with different layout templates and specific request parameters for differing fields of action.

You want your expert multilingual? No problem - have your text modules translated, integrate them - ready for presentation.

Ablaufdiagramm eines Ratgebers An automatically generated graphical view of the expert (gif or pdf) perfects the software.

3i expert runs on all established web servers, no expensive middleware necessary.

Test our expertsysrems by yourself!